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Located in the town of Vesuvius in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Rockbridge County, Virginia, Nature Camp is a private, nonprofit, co-ed summer camp which offers an ideal environment for students who have a genuine interest in conservation and the natural world. The goal of Nature Camp is to foster an appreciation and love for nature through direct experience and to inspire young people of today to become environmentally responsible and conscientious citizens of tomorrow. It is first and foremost an academic camp that emphasizes hands-on, field-based, experiential learning. During their two weeks at Nature Camp, campers study in a variety of settings, including classrooms both inside and out, and spend much of their time behind the eyepieces of binoculars, knee-deep in a cold stream, running with butterfly nets, and completing written assignments. While there is hiking, a swimming pool, and a recreation field for free time, those seeking a solely recreational experience will not be happy at this camp.

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Students in the 5th – 12th grades are eligible to apply for scholarships. Campers attend a session that matches their Fall grade level.

 Visit this website in the Fall of 2017 for information regarding applications for Nature Camp attendance in Summer 2018.

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Green Spring Garden Club, Inc., awarded 4 scholarships to Nature Camp in 2016. The garden club offers complete scholarships to this camp every year.